Moster Plus MY´19 MS maintenance kit 200h

Moster Plus MY´19 MS  maintenance kit 200h

This kit contains all the parts you need to change after 200 hours + BUY piston SEPARATELY. We did our best and packed it in a a nice cardboard box . photo attached is only illustrational!

285 €

342 € incl. VAT

Availability: Out of Stock

Producer: Vittorazi Motors Italy


Please add piston separately as you need to choose the size of the piston.


parts included in this kit:

  • Air-box rubber manifold with incorporated sponge (AT093a)
  • Bearing 47/20/14 mm - C3 (Set of 2) (M005)
  • Oil seals viton 20/35/7 mm (Set of 2) (M006)
  • Piston roller bearing (M009)
  • Cylinder gaskets - 0,20/0,30/0,50 mm (Set of 5) (M014)
  • OR head viton O 69,57 x 1,78 mm (M016)
  • Copper lock nut high temperature 8 x 1,25 mm (Set of 4) (M019)
  • Spark plug NGK BR9ES (M020)
  • Antivibration mount 30 x 30 mm - M8 x 15 mm (Set of 2) (M021a)
  • Antivibration mount 30 x 30 mm - M8 x 25 mm (Set of 2) (M021b)
  • Starter rope 2,20 meters (M043)
  • Reed valve petals (Set of 2) (M082)
  • O-ring viton O 33,05 x 1,78 mm (M091a)
  • Series membranes and gaskets Walbro (M097)
  • Eccentric assembled with bearings (M108)
  • Kit bronze bushing 40/50 hours with springs and safety cables (ME143)
  • Plastic hooks (Set of 2) (MP055)
  • Elastic ring for hooks (MP057)
  • Snaplock female O 16mm, grey (MP093d)
  • Bearing 35/15/11 mm - 2Z and bearing 35/15/11 mm - 2HRS (MP106)
  • Drum/Pinion cap (MP107a)
  • Belt Poly V PJ483 13 grooves (MP117)
  • Noise absorbent material (MP159)
  • Fuel hose silicone/ 60cm

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