SCOUT One Carbon with Vittorazi Moster Plus MY´19, 77 hours (demo machine #3)

SCOUT One Carbon with Vittorazi Moster Plus MY´19, 77 hours (demo machine #3)

Safety first. Demo machine with discount

(Demo#3) our best-selling paramotor, used demo unit in great condition with warranty!

5269,40 €

6323,28 € incl. VAT

8034 € incl. VAT Discount 1710,72 €

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Shipping date: 2.3.2021

Producer: SCOUT paramotors

We are selling over preloved demo machines!

These were used solely on our PPG adventures - please checkout:


frame in perfect conditions, some scratches on the stand 
harness has some abrasion and wear marks, nothing harmful, great condition
engine runs fine and smooth, 77 hours
well cared and maintained by SCOUT team, mainly Stefan
only run with fuel mixture made by us

Paramotor frame has no damages, engine is in a great condition. Comes with an original SCOUT 132cm carbon fiber fixed pitch propeller, a SCOUT M/L comfort harness, SafeStart assembled. A new carbon cage is included! Because we want you to have it nice and shiny:-)


Following maintenance has been done before the Iceland trip:

Bronze bushing replaced on a regular basis
Decarbonizing the piston/ head/ decompression hole
Head Oring
New battery Safe Start
New airbox snaplock rupper clip
New sparkplug
New exhaust 

After the Iceland trip i did a few tandem flights recently, no problems or worries at all. 

Please contact us if you are interested in taking a closer look in person.


Scout One revolutionized the world of paramotoring:
Instead of using aluminum or steel tubes we have used carbon fiber profiles to manufacture a true aerodynamic aircraft. We have even defeated laws of physics where others have accepted the torque steer as given. All this makes the scout paramotor so intuitive and natural to fly that it will make you a better pilot.
Forget about everything you leave on the ground and just flow through the sky.


Paramotoring is a risky a sport and we want to serve you responsibly. We will contact you after ordering items in this cathegory to make sure you have all the skills and experience to fly paramotors safely.

For this reason a quick check-out with credit card payment is disabled for paramotor units. Please opt for "Payment after confirmation" at checkout.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund any of your payments if we have doubts about your safety.

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