SCOUT ATOM80 demo # CRC009531, harness size:M/L ( 34.3 hrs)

SCOUT ATOM80 demo # CRC009531, harness size:M/L ( 34.3 hrs)

SCOUT ATOM80 demo # CRC009531, harness size:M/L ( 34.3 hrs)

5450,40 €

6540,48 € incl. VAT

8275 € incl. VAT Discount 1734,52 €

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in stock: 1 pcs

Producer: SCOUT paramotors

This has been the personal machine of my son. He started flying it at teh age of 14 and now he grew up to a more powerful engine. 
Take care of her and it will take good care of you.
Havce fun

The paramotor has been used as a demo/rental machine for the SCOUT paramotor adventures. It has been proven reliable in the wilderness of Iceland, New Zeeland, Saudi Arabia or Dolomites just to name a few.
Never had an engine out. We paid extra attention to keep the engines in perfect contidions when as we were flying over unforgiving terrain and we wanted to do everything to avoid potential troible. Hence we are meticulous with regular inspections and replacing parts before theiy fail, replacing rather than repairing. For any kind of repairs we only use original parts.

The paramotor is equipped withstandard SCOUT features carbon cooling shroud, Safe Start, RPM sensor with hour meter.
We ahve also installed the beef tubes to increase stffness and strength of the frame.
The paramotor will come with standard accessories: prop covers and cage bags."
The Vittorazi ATOM80 engine has 34.3 hours and is running in very good condition.
Regular checks and replacement of cunsumables (spark plug, exhaust bushing) has been done.
Propeller: Helix propeller 130cm .
Harness: used with some minor abrasion marks
It is possible to change to harness for a different size if you wish so. Please reach out to us at for details.
Carbon cage: used. some minor scratches might be visible but no damage, no cracks, no repairs
Carbon cage can be replaced by a brand new enduro cage to further reduce your costs, please reach out to for details.
Price for a new setup: 6813 eur
Price of this demo unit: 5450.4 eur
Discount on this demo unit: -1362.6 eur

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