SCOUT NXT Adventure

SCOUT NXT Adventure

Safety first. Money-back Guarantee

The high-line of paramotors.

8885 €

10662 € incl. VAT

incl. donation to 50 €

Availability: November 2021

Producer: SCOUT paramotors

Scout One revolutionized the world of paramotoring:
Instead of using aluminum or steel tubes we have used carbon fiber profiles to manufacture a true aerodynamic aircraft. We have even defeated laws of physics where others have accepted the torque steer as given. All this makes the scout paramotor so intuitive and natural to fly that it will make you a better pilot.
Forget about everything you leave on the ground and just flow through the sky.


Full description of SCOUT NXT adventure here:
With the purchase of your paramotor you donate 50 EUR to
SCOUT paramotors adds another 50 eur on top of it. is a non-profit fund providing direct financial support up to 50% of direct costs of paramotor adventures. Anyone can apply and we ecnourage you to dream big and apply for sponsorship, too.
If you want to opt out at the moment , please leave a comment at checkout.
Thank you for your donation.



Paramotoring is a risky a sport and we want to serve you responsibly. We will contact you after ordering items in this cathegory to make sure you have all the skills and experience to fly paramotors safely.

For this reason a quick check-out with credit card payment is disabled for paramotor units. Please opt for "Payment after confirmation" at checkout.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund any of your payments if we have doubts about your safety.

Full money back guarantee:

No chance to test the SCOUT before order? No worries. We will ship your new SCOUT straight to your door with full money back guarantee:

  • 21 days to test your brand new SCOUT. Make a few flights to be sure your truly deeply love your new paramotor
  • you may return the paramotor - no questions asked. Pack it carefully into the same box and ship it back
  • you will get full money refund

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