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Paramotoring is a risky a sport and we want to serve you responsibly. We will contact you after ordering items in this cathegory to make sure you have all the skills and experience to fly paramotors safely.

For this reason a quick check-out with credit card payment is disabled for paramotor units. Please opt for "Payment after confirmation" at checkout.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund any of your payments if we have doubts about your safety.

Full money back guarantee:

To make your order decision easier, we offer full money back guarantee with your SCOUT:

  • 21 days to test your brand new SCOUT. Make a few flights to be sure you truly deeply love your new paramotor
  • you may return the paramotor – no questions asked. Pack it carefully into the same box and ship it back
  • you will get full money refund

 Full money-back guarantee applies to all purchases from SCOUT. Why? Beacause we know, you will love your SCOUT, That's it!

Just send it back to SCOUT headquarters and we will handle it from there! Find out more here

For full information about SCOUT paramotors, please go to our main page>


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