The Brain

The Brain

This is how a brain of a pilot looks like. Obviously.

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The Brain
"I think this is how a brain of a pilot looks like. I am sure it must be different from others, because flying is an addiction. This could explain why we see things differently. Looking at the weather forecast we check the wind speed first, then the perticipation, while others check the temperature. Looking at the clouds others see dinosaurs, we see lift...
The design is obviously derived from the Legendary Airfoil and further inspired by a design by Travis Hailey, a SCOUT pilot, top professional in his field and good friend of mine. Thank you, Travis."
Miroslav, SCOUT chief designer



"We did the extra mile and tested the quality of the T-shirts properly. I have ordered a bunch of different T-shirts and let Matej and Miroslav wear each for several washing cycles. I took exact measurements at the beginning and after a few weeks of testing. Finally I have decided that a 50/50 cotton/polyester showed the best results (no stretching or shrinking, even the collar was pretty good). "
Zuzana, the queen of operations


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