Attitude keeps you alive. How true.

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"This design was inspired by my scuba diving experience years ago. We dived to a massive ship wreck in Cyprus almost 40 meters deep, through its coridors, elevator shafts, cargo spaces. Quite technical. I still have the souvenir T-shirt saying attitude keeps you alive.
The word-play with aviation came just on its own.
Fly safe and have fun."
Miroslav, SCOUT chief designer



"We did the extra mile and tested the quality of the T-shirts properly. I have ordered a bunch of different T-shirts and let Matej and Miroslav wear each for several washing cycles. I took exact measurements at the beginning and after a few weeks of testing. Finally I have decided that a 50/50 cotton/polyester showed the best results (no stretching or shrinking, even the collar was pretty good). "
Zuzana, the queen of operations


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