This is a tribute to Isaac Newton

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Gravity is always attractive
"Again, non-pilots may need a second guess to get the right meaning.
Gravity is always attractive, no excuses, no exemptions, no tricks to get around the laws of physics. So please, be safe in the air, be cautious while using gravity to your best fun> pull some high Gs and feel the sensations reserved to pilots only.
This T-shirt design is a tribute to Isaac Newton."
Miroslav, SCOUT main brain



"We did the extra mile and tested the quality of the T-shirts properly. I have ordered a bunch of different T-shirts and let Matej and Miroslav wear each for several washing cycles. I took exact measurements at the beginning and after a few weeks of testing. Finally I have decided that a 50/50 cotton/polyester showed the best results (no stretching or shrinking, even the collar was pretty good). "
Zuzana, the queen of operations


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