100/150Hrs maintenance kit for Atom80 MY20/MY22

This kit is officialy built and supplied by Vittorazi and contains all the parts you need to change after 100-150 hours. We did our best and packed it in a a nice cardboard box . BUY piston SEPARATELY!!

240,50 €

288,60 € incl. VAT

Availability: In Stock

full list of parts:

  • F003 Bearing 47/20/14 mm - TVH - C3 (Set of 2)
  • AT006 Oil seal viton 20/30/7 mm (Set of 2)
  • AT009 Piston roller bearing
  • M021 Antivibration mount 30 x 30 mm - M8 x 20 mm (Set of 2) 2x
  • AT025 Complete series of gaskets and O-ring
  • M031a Spark-plug cap (Selettra)
  • MP055k Kit Plastic hook (Set of 2) with Shim washers 12 x 18 mm (Set of 6) and Elastic ring
  • AT082 Reed valve petal (Set of 2)
  • M097 Series membranes and Gaskets Walbro WB
  • AT093a Air-box rubber manifold with incorporated sponge
  • AT160 Oil for reduction gear 30 ml 2x
  • AT172 Exhaust manifold and O-rings, black
  • AT184 Set of 2 noise absorbent material with rivets
  • M151c Antivibration mount 30 x 20 mm hard (right) (Set of 2) with Nuts
  • AT019.5 Lock nut high temperature 6 x 1,00 mm DIN 6923 (Set of 5) 2x
  • M020 Spark plug NGK BR9ES 2x
  • M043 Starter rope 2,20 meters
  • M019.5 Copper lock nut high temperature 8 x 1,25 mm (Set of 5)
  • M094.2 Fixing band 50-70 mm (Set of 2)
  • AT175 Exhaust compression spring (Set of 2) and Lock nut 6MA DIN 980 (Set of 2)
  • M139.5 Exhaust spring (Set of 5)
  • MP140.5 Heat shrinkable tubing (Set of 5)
  • MP141.5 Security cable 45 cm with aluminum clamp (Set of 5)
  • MP093d.4 Snaplock female Ø 16 mm, grey (Set of 4)
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