Liquid gasket Threebond gr.250 (ACC131)

Liquid gasket Threebond gr.250   (ACC131)

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Producer: Vittorazi Motors Italy

ThreeBond TB1215 is an OEM product choosen by the majority of global motor vehicle producers.

ThreeBond TB1215 is a solvent free, single component premier specification engineering liquid silicone gasket, available in 250g tube with finger-tip control nozzle for installation, maintenance and repair situations.

It is ideal for all the surfaces with flanges to seal against water or oil in general engineering, power plants, power transmission, marine engines, gearboxes or agricultural equipment.

TB1215 is also used extensively in high-tech, high-quality applications within the motorcycle or car performance aftermarkets and motorsport sectors.

The product guarantees extremely high chemical resistance to lubricants, outstanding mechanical resistance against shearing forces and excellent adhesion even to slightly polluted surfaces.

ThreeBond TB1215 also stands out for many other features, such as zero shrinkage, instantaneous impermeability, resistance to pressure and fire and it is characterized by an extremely high resistance against oils and chemicals.

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