propeller SCOUT 2 blade carbon- 1 BLADE

propeller SCOUT 2 blade carbon- 1 BLADE

propeller SCOUT 2 blade carbon- 1 BLADE

148 €

177,60 € incl. VAT

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in stock: 1 pcs

Producer: SCOUT paramotors

Replacement blade for the 2019 SCOUT paramotor propeller

In case you have only one blade damaged, get this replacement blade. 

If the other blade is fine, you do not need to balance the propeller as every single blade manufactured is ballanced against the same single prototype blade. So you can combine blades without facing inbalances. 


This propp is manufactured by Scout Paramotors in Slovakia

Made of carbon fiber with reinforced leading edge for better protection against stones and better repariablity

propeller diameter 132 cm.

Fits Moster Plus with standard 2,68 reduction ratio.



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