Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Preliminary Provisions
These Business Terms and Conditions govern the purchases of goods made via the e-shop located on the website eshop.scoutparamotor.com, which is operated by SCOUT paramotors s r.o., with its official registered office located at Hadovská cesta 870, 945 01 Komárno, Slovak republic, company ID Number.: 358 602 35, VAT Number: SK202173250.
These Business Terms and Conditions define and specify in more detail the following:
The rights and obligations of both the Seller (as defined below) and the Buyer (as defined below).
2. Definition of Basic Terms
• Seller
SCOUT paramotors s r.o., with its official registered office located at Hadovská cesta 870, 945 01 Komárno, Slovak republic, Comp ID Number.: 358 602 35, VAT Number: SK20217232350
• E-shop
The internet shop operated by the Seller on the website: ehop.scoutparamotor.com
• Purchase Agreement
For the purposes of these Business Terms and Conditions, the Purchase Agreement is understood to be an agreement for the purchase of goods .
• Buyer
Any e-shop customer who purchases the Seller's Goods
• Business Terms and Conditions
These Business Terms and Conditions, always in the valid version published as of the day an Order is placed via the E-shop.
• Order
An order placed by the Buyer via the Seller's website.
• Consumer
A consumer is any individual enters into an agreement or otherwise deals with the business entity outside of the framework of business activities or the performance of their trade.
• Goods
Any of the tangible movable items, consisting primarily of engine spare parts, carbon parts, paramotpr accessories and other items offered for sale via the Seller's E-shop, which the Seller sells to the Buyer
3. Purchase Agreement
3.1. Purchase Agreement originating at the time the Buyer places an Order: The Seller advertises Goods on the E-shop website. A Purchase Agreement originates at the time the Buyer submits an Order and this Order is accepted by the Seller. The Seller shall confirm the acceptance of the Order by means of a confirmation sent to the Buyer's e-mail address as specified in the Order. The Purchase Agreement may be modified or cancelled only on the basis of a mutual agreement between both parties or for legal reasons.
3.2. Prior to the submission of the Order to the Seller, the Buyer has the opportunity to check and modify the information that they have entered on the Order, including the ability of the Buyer to identify and correct any errors made at the time that the data was entered. The Buyer submits the order to the Seller by clicking on the 'Order' icon.
3.3. The Buyer agrees that remote communication shall be used at the time the Purchase Agreement is made. The costs incurred by the Buyer for using any means of remote communication associated with entering into the Purchase Agreement (namely the cost of an internet connection and the cost of phone calls) shall be borne by the Buyer.
3.4. All of the presentations of the Goods and Services published on the website are for informational purposes only and the Seller is not obliged to enter into a Purchase Agreement for these Goods and Services.
3.5. Binding Nature of the Business Terms and Conditions. The Buyer is bound by these Business Terms and Conditions immediately starting at the moment the completed Order is submitted. At the time the Purchase Agreement is made, the Buyer is always (re)acquainted with the valid version of the Business Terms and Conditions, and the Buyer must express their consent with the Business Terms and Conditions prior to submitting their Order. By confirming and submitting the Order, the Buyer declares that they are familiar with the valid Business Terms and Conditions.
3.6.Ordering a lightweight aircraft SCOUT paramotor means further inspection of your skills, habits and expectatins to be undertaken, Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund any of your payments if we have doubts about your safety.
4. Order Cancellation
Order Cancellations from the Seller ' s side
The Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept or to cancel an Order or a part of an Order in the following situations:
• The Goods are no longer produced or delivered;
• The Goods cannot be delivered due to a force majeure event;
• The customer has not paid the purchase price as specified on the Order;
• The order could not have been firmly acknowledged (incorrect phone No., not available, do not respond to e-mails, etc).
• The Seller's supplier has made a significant change in the price of the Goods or Service.
In case such event occurs, the Seller shall immediately notify the Purchaser to agree the next steps. Should the Purchaser already pay the partial or the whole amount of the purchase price, then the given amount shall be transferred back to his account or address within 5 calendar days

Order Cancellation from the Buyer ' s side

The Buyer has right to cancel the order without any reason whenever before its binding acknowledgment. Once the order was placed as a firm order, only in case that the Seller shall not meet agreed delivery terms. In case the acknowledged order is cancelled, the Purchaser must indemnify damage arising out of such negotiations. The Seller shall set up a claim for damage compensation especially if the goods are purchased "made-to-order" which had to be arranged at customer's request or in case that due to goods arrangement provable costs were already incurred. Cancellation fee may be up to 75% of the total price for goods. The order may be cancelled by e-mail.
5. Purchase Price and Reservation of Ownership Rights
The current price of the Goods and Services, inclusive of VAT, is always specified on the Seller's website. The price of the Goods and Services specified on the Seller's website on the day the Order is placed is always used to determine the final price of the Goods for the final Buyer. Buyer acquires the ownership rights to the delivered goods only after the purchase price for the Goods has been paid in full.
6. Payment Terms
The Seller reserves the right to change the price of the Goods. The price valid at the time the Order is placed (i.e. the current price specified at that time on the Seller's website) remains valid until such time that the Purchase Agreement is made. The Buyer (final Buyer) is obliged to pay the purchase price for the Goods by no later than the day on which the Goods are taken over.
7. Payment Methods
The payment method options are as follows:
• Electronic funds transfers using the GoPay payment system
• Banks transfer
• PayPal
8. Delivery Terms
8.1. Delivery Timeframe
The Goods will be delivered according to the availability of the product and the Seller's operational abilities within the shortest possible timeframe, generally within 10 (ten) working days. If Goods are paid for by means of an electronic funds transfer, a confirmation will be delivered to the Buyer's e-mail as specified in the Order.
8.2. Delivery Location
The delivery location is specified in the Order placed by the Buyer. The delivery will be considered to have been completed at the time the goods are delivered to the address specified in the Order. The Seller will ensure delivery to the specified address. The tax document (invoice) is sent to the e-mail specified in the Order.
8.3. Transport of the Goods
The Seller arranges for the worldwide shipment of the goods. The packing and shipping costs are fully borne by the Buyer. The prices for transport are specified inclusive of VAT.
8.4. Transport methods:
• Slovak Post (delivery timeframes according to the destination country)
• inTime/UPS
• FedEx
9. Warranty
The Seller provides a twenty-four (24) month warranty for the Goods sold via the E-shop whereby the warranty period starts at the time the Goods are taken over by the Buyer.
The warranty set by law shall not apply, or applies only partially to external damage of a product (e.g. impact,...), to damages caused by a customer due to product use which is in conflict with producer ' s instructions for use, defects due to use which prevent good preservation of a tool, damage due to use for commercial purposes, defects due to use of improper additional equipment, accessories or non-conforming consumer material.

10. Complaint Procedure
10.1. In the interest of speeding up the complaint procedure, the Buyer should contact the Seller in advance by sending an e-mail to info@scoutparamotor.com. Unless the Seller and the Buyer agree otherwise, the complaint, including any defects, will be processed without any undue delay within no more than thirty (30) calendar days of the date the complaint is lodged.

10.2. The Buyer shall send the Goods that are the subject of the complaint to the Seller's service location at the following address: Hadovská cesta 870, 945 0 Komárno, at which both warranty and post-warranty service for the Goods is provided.

10.3. After the Seller receives the Goods that are the subject of the complaint, the Seller shall immediately send the Official Complaint Form to the Buyer at the Buyer's e-mail as specified in the Order or provided by the Buyer at the time the complaint is lodged.

10.4 If the Goods are returned to the Seller in a damaged or incomplete condition or with their value reduced in any other way, even as a result of standard use, the Seller has the right to request the Consumer for compensation for the decreased value of the returned Goods. This in no way affects the Consumer's right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement without any penalties. Damage to the original packaging, resulting from the unwrapping of the Goods may not be considered to be a reduction in the value of the Goods.
10.5. In the case of an acknowledged complaint, in a situation where it is not possible to replace the Goods or to remove the defect, the amount paid for the Goods, including the amount of shipping and packing costs, will be credited to the Buyer's account (with the exception of any additional amounts associated with the delivery of the Goods resulting from the fact that the Consumer selected a delivery option for the Goods that is different from the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Seller .
10.6. The timeframe for processing the complaint shall be interrupted in the case that the Seller does not receive all of the supporting materials required for processing the complaint (namely any part of the Goods, other documentation). The Seller is obliged to request the Seller to provide additional materials within the shortest possible timeframe after the Buyer lodges the complaint. The processing timeframe is interrupted starting at the time this request is made until such time that the Buyer delivers the requested materials.

10.7. The Seller shall notify the Buyer that the complaint has been processed by sending an e-mail to the address specified in the submitted Order or provided by the Buyer at the time the complaint is lodged.
10.8. In the event that, at the time the item is taken over by the Buyer, the item does not conform with what is specified in the Purchase Agreement, the Buyer has the right to request the Seller to bring the item into a state that conforms with the Purchase Agreement free of charge and without undue delay, according to the Buyer's requirements, either by replacing the item or repairing the item. If this is not possible, the Buyer has the right to request a reasonable discount from the price of the item or to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement. This does not apply if the Buyer knew of the defect prior to taking over the item or if the Buyer caused the defect.
11. Personal Data Protection
11.1. The personal data of a Buyer (individual) and any individuals representing a Buyer (legal entity) are stored in accordance with the valid legislation of the Slovak republic.

11.2. At the time that the persons named in the preceding paragraph enter into a Purchase Agreement, they agree that their personal data may be collected and processed in the Seller's database. This consent may be revoked at anytime in writing.

11.3. The personal data will be stored and collected solely for the purposes of entering into the Purchase Agreement, the delivery of the Goods and/or Services in accordance with the Purchase Agreement, the processing of complaints and any related tasks, and for the Seller's archival purpose for maintaining information about completed sales. The data may also be used for the purpose of providing possible discounts and other benefits to the Seller's customers.

11.4. The customer's personal data is fully protected against misuse. The Seller shall not provide the personal data of its customers to any third parties. The Seller may provide only the personal data that is required for the delivery of the goods to the transporter.

11.5. Once a Purchase Agreement is made, it is archived by the Seller in electronic format and is accessible only to the Seller and to the Buyer upon request.
12. Sending of Commercial Messages and Storing Cookies
12.1. The Buyer agrees that information regarding the Goods, Services, and the Seller's business as well as the Seller's commercial messages may be sent to the Seller's e-mail.

12.2. The Buyer agrees that cookies may be stored on their computer. If it is possible to make a purchase via the website and if the Seller is able to fulfil their obligations ensuing from the Purchase Agreement without storing cookies on the Buyer's computer or other comparable equipment, the Buyer has the right to revoke the consent granted on the basis of the previous statement at any time.
13. Acceptance of these Terms
You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. By using the Website or its Services you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to use or access the Website and its Services.
14. Contacting us
If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Agreement or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to it, you may send an email to zuzana@scoutparamotor.com or write a letter to SCOUT paramotors s r.o., Hadovská cesta 840, 945 01 Komárno, SLOVAKIA

This document was last updated on February 28, 2020

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